Why You Should Choose Our Service

Although not many others do what we do, we want to let you know what makes us unique and why we should be your choice.


We have dealt with international tax work and refunds for many years so we are able to provide you with our experience to deliver the best results.


We do organized research, do complete and correct filing, and follow up with you in time.


We provide world wide tax refund filings for Recovery of Dividend Taxes Withheld from your annual, quarterly or monthly dividends.

Can we help?

Most of us do business abroad and work hard to get a good return on investments from a foreign source of income.

DIVIDENDS on foreign shares add to your profit in your balance sheet or even to your personal bank account.

Interest paid by related companies or loans and other sources help individuals or businesses to a return on investments.

Foreign countries allow payments to non-residents after a withholding tax has been kept before the transfer to you.

It is very often possible to file a refund claim on Foreign Dividend and Interest Withholding Taxes.

We file this claim for you in all applicable countries.