Does your company’s balance sheet and bank portfolio include FOREIGN STOCKS?


Does your personal bank portfolio and bank statement include FOREIGN STOCKS?

Your foreign stocks may result in regular FOREIGN DIVIDENDS in foreign currency, paid from a foreign bank to your local bank account.

Before the foreign banks send the dividend from your foreign shares to your local bank, they will deduct their fees but they may also have to withhold dividend-withholding tax and pay it on your behalf to foreign tax authorities.

If your foreign dividend is already reduced by bank fees twice (foreign and local) and the rate of exchange  for the foreign currency payment, you may have a chance to FILE A FOREIGN DIVIDEND TAX Refund Claim with our help – contact us at or call us at 1(905) 332-4777 if you want to save on Foreign Taxes.

You may want to have a look at our website – No down payment or retainer fee is required. You have to pay us only if we recover the foreign tax for you or your company.