Dividend News November 2022

Do not read that……

——-If your business/company did not receive foreign Dividends from your foreign Investments, Holdings, Shares, Stocks, etc. in the last 3 years.

——-If your business/company has filed successfully all foreign DWT refund claims in the past years.

  1. Otherwise you may read it and contact us by email admin@dividendtaxrecovery.com.
  2. And request FREE DWT information for countries:

————for year 2021

————for year 2020

————for year 2019

  • We will file all DWT forms for you in all applicable DWT countries.

No invoice for our DWT filing service before you do not receive a DWT refund assessment from the foreign DWT authority/Bank.


Check your FOREIGN TAXES paid!

How much Dividend Withholding Tax did your Business pay in foreign countries on your Dividends?

___________ in 2019 __________?                                                     In what country?

__________ in 2020 __________?                                                     In what country?

__________  in 2021 _________   ?                                                     In what country?

__________  in 2022 ___________?                                                    In what country?

You may have a chance for a Dividend Withholding Tax REFUND if you file with us.

Check our website at www.dividendtaxrecovery.com or scan below:

Dividend News May 2022

Your Checklist to recover Foreign Tax now:

  1. At the end of the year check your bank mailings!
  • Did you receive any FOREIGN Dividends?
  • Do your bank statements show any Foreign Tax Withholdings?

We will inform you without delay what could be done to apply for any applicable foreign DWT refund in any applicable country.

  • Check with your Accountants to find foreign Dividends in your accounting system (Balance Sheet and Profit/Loss Account).
  • Refund Filing DEADLINES should be checked!

DIVIDEND/DWT January 2022

  1. It is EARNING Season!

         Dividends are rolling in i.e.

  • into your company’s Balance Sheet if the holdings include foreign stocks
  • into your personal Income Tax Return if you own foreign stocks as an Individual

       2.  Please look at your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account for a minute:

If you do not see any DIVIDENDS, we can not file a refund claim for you. Perhaps you        keep us on file until you receive and see dividends.


Business-News and TV tells everybody about quarterly results and upcoming Dividends from Banks and Companies:

Dividends from Here and There and Everywhere!

But Dividends from your business investments abroad are often reduced by Foreign Withholding Taxes sometimes as high as 30 % ! 

This withholding tax on dividends can often be reduced with a Refund or Rebate claim to the Foreign Tax Authority.

We could file your Refund Claim in all applicable countries!

No advance Fee!

Send us an e-mail to admin@dividendtaxrecovery.com or call us at 1 (905) 332-4777.

We promise to do our best to recover some of your hard earned Dividends!


Las Noticias de Negocios y la Televisión están informando acerca de los resultados financieros trimestrales y de los Dividendos generados por los Bancos y otras Compañías.

Pero sus Dividendos de fuentes extranjeras son usualmente Reducidos con Retenciones de Impuesto, las cuales algunas veces son hasta del 30%!

Generalmente, estos impuestos retenidos pueden ser Reembolsados o Reducidos, a través de un servicio de solicitud realizado a las autoridades impositivas, del país donde se originan esos dividendos.

Nosotros podemos solicitar el Reembolso de los impuestos retenidos en aquellos países donde aplique esta solicitud!

No tiene que pagar por adelantado!

Envíenos un correo electrónico a: admin@dividendtaxrecovery.com, o llamemos al número de teléfono: (905) 332-4777.

Le prometemos hacer todo lo que esté a nuestro alcance, con el fin de lograr el reembolso de sus Dividendos, que ha ganado con tanto esfuerzo.


We all see it on the Business News everywhere.

Big companies and Major Banks show their quarterly results and make shareholders pleased with DIVIDENDS.

FOREIGN DIVIDENDS flow into your banks accounts and balance sheets – After Foreign Tax authorities get their cut i.e. a hefty DIVIDEND WITHHOLDING TAX  (sometimes up to 30%!)

We will do our best to recover some of it – or sometimes all of it with our ww service for tax recoveries since 1991.

No Results = No Fee for us.

3 easy steps:

1. Visit our website www.DividendTaxRecovery.com

2. Send us an e-mail with your question to admin@DividendTaxRecovery.com

3. Call us at 1 (905) 332-4777

Keep in mind even after the foreign Dividend Withholding Tax is paid (and you did not contact us for our service), you still have to file the foreign Dividends in the tax returns at home.

This may add up with the foreign and local income tax – AND – maybe you can do something every time Foreign Dividends are sent.

Dividend/DWT December 2021

It is EARNING season!

  1. Dividends are rolling in i.e.
  2. into your company’s Balance Sheet if the holdings include foreign stocks
  3. into your personal Income Tax Return if you own foreign stocks as an Individual

B.   Your dividends arrive in your company’s bank OR in your personal bank account…       AFTER…

       the foreign banks withheld the applicable Dividend Withholding Tax!!

        i.e. this DWT may be often as much as 30% of your hard earned Dividends

C.    You may apply for a substantial Refund by filing a retroactive Refund claim with us before    the Deadline!

Email us at admin@dividendtaxrecovery.com

Or call us at 1 (905) 332-4777

Or send us your foreign tax information by fax 1-905-332-4888