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DIVIDEND TAX RECOVERY CORP offers a refund claim service wherein DIVIDEND TAX RECOVERY CORP applies for a refund from the foreign tax authorities on behalf of the applicant based upon terms agreed to by all parties involved. DIVIDEND TAX RECOVERY CORP does not guarantee a successful refund claim on behalf of the applicant. DIVIDEND TAX RECOVERY CORP reserves the right to refuse any or all information and/or services to any or all applicants. DIVIDEND TAX RECOVERY CORP may revise these terms and conditions in an update of this disclaimer, without further notification.


DIVIDEND TAX RECOVERY CORP’s current handling fee is 19% of the overall recovered Dividend Tax amount, due within one month after the Dividend Tax has been recovered. This will apply if DIVIDEND TAX RECOVERY CORP has received the applicant’s invoices at least three months before the application deadline. As a later receipt of the applicant’s shipment entails additional costs, DIVIDEND TAX RECOVERY CORP’s handling fee may change accordingly. DIVIDEND TAX RECOVERY CORP cannot guarantee completion of Dividend Tax refund claim applications/submissions in cases where the corresponding receipts have been received later than six weeks before the applicable Dividend Tax refund deadline, and in cases where the documents provided by the applicant are incomplete or do not satisfy the requirements of the foreign tax authority to which they are being applied.